Feb 27, 2006

Flash Floods in February

Source: The Star  Stormy Sunday - Sunday is a day for sleeping in but not yesterday. Instead, the rest day turned out to be one of anxiety for thousands of residents in Shah Alam who were rudely awakened at dawn by floodwaters gushing into their homes. The weather is getting crazier nowadays. Just recently the TTDI Shah Alam was hit with flash flood. February month should not be raining so much but somehow the weather pattern has changed. It looks like the signs of the times. Beginning with the Andaman Tsunami of Dec 2004, Hurricane Katrina of mid 2005, to the various typhoon around the Asian region. Could it be the signs of end times?

Just looking at the photos taken from the news already gives ones the shudder of 'what will happen next?'

A warning of overdevelopment due to greed, bad environmental stewardship? The incessant pace of development which we call progress may very well lead to our downfall. Perhaps we enjoy too much of the good life and couldn't care less what happen to the environment. Then we shall reap what we sow, the cycle of bad environmental karma will surely come back to haunt us.

This picture shows a section of Taman Tun Dr Ismail Jaya in Shah Alam, Selangor, submerged in floodwaters. The picture was taken at 11am after Sungai Damansara overflowed its banks due to unusually heavy rain which started at 3.30am Sunday. Source: The Star.