Mar 1, 2006

When it rains, it really pours

The heavy rain did make it difficult to see the road.For several days it was terribly hot and humid. Doing any activites just tires oneself out. Even my pet cat, Casper just sleeps most of the time. Could't do much with the hot and humid climate. It felt like walking in a thick gravy of sorts and breathing the heavier density air seems like drowning in it.

Today, the dark clouds loom and before you know it. Kaboom comes the thunder and lightning, and the rain pours down like cats and dogs. Fortunately managed to move out from the office a tad faster while it was still light. But the trip back to the house was a total free wash for the car.

Wonder how TTDI Shah Alam would fare in this kind of heavy downpour. All the best to the residents, and hope the government can come up with some better drainage of the area.