Oct 1, 2009

Cameron Highlands Destination

How time flies and now we are in the 4th quarter of 2009. I've been busy and finding a little less time to update the Cameron Highlands travel destination website. It's been fun and rewarding too. Basically this site is funded by the sponsors to help support the server cost plus travel, time and effort to put up articles with information as accurate as possible, though it is not always the case.

I still find myself not knowing certain things. When I first set out to do travel writing with this website about Cameron Highlands, I thought I would run out of things to write pretty soon. After several years on, I am still filling in the gaps! Boy, are there still so much more gaps to fill up!

Doing this Cameron Highlands travel destination, I get very interesting inquiries and meet very interesting people along the way. As they said, life is the journey, not a destination, and that seems to sum up what I'm trying to do here.

Recently I make a quick pass through to Cameron Highlands; well I had some time to spare, and decided to have a quick check on a few things. It turned out to be an interesting visit despite the short duration. I only have about two hours of running around Cameron Highlands.

Hope to write up the articles soon for more updates about Cameron Highlands tourism Malaysia travel destination. Yey!

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