Jan 1, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2006!

Yep! With the ushering of the new year comes the extravagant display of fireworks! This year with the many new malls opening up around my suburban housing area, has made them compete aggresively for mall patrons.

Me and my wife just came back from Cameron Highlands and had to crawl through the terrible midnight revelry traffic jam to arrive home. While relaxing about at home, the sudden bang-bang soung of fireworks sure startled me. It even gave my pet cat a big panic as to 'what on earth is happening?' kind of look. He promptly ran off and hid himself somewhere in the house. Dogs were barking and I guess they were pretty scared too.

I quickly grab my camera and dash out of the house to have a better view of the fireworks. Sure enough the fireworks display was spectacular, and positioning myself on the crossroad at the end of the road I was able to view the fireworks display by two malls - 1-Utama and The Curve.

It was spectacular and many neighbours also came out of the house to view it too. Some even let off their own mini fireworks though it is nothing in comparison with what the two malls dished out.

I'm sure the KL Town must be totally jammed up if the traffic around my small area is any indication to go by. Not a good time to get stuck in the traffic to have a jolly good time to celebrate the new year. But I guess the youngsters who has nothing much to do will brave the awful traffic condition just to have a good time together with their friends.

The terrific fireworks display soon ended and with the handful of photos in my camera I headed back to my house. Took me awhile to find my pet cat hiding out under the TV by the Astro set. Well, what a way to usher in the new year for my cat. For me, it nice to have my dear wife around and I suppose my pet cat for company for the new year 2006!

So, Happy New Year 2006!
May all your dreams come true!