Jan 2, 2006

Worlds Biggest Monopoly

Malaysia is always trying to place something in the Guiness Book of World Records. Or if not, at least the Malaysian book of records. Well this one, which I happen to come across in the 1-Utama shopping mall is going for the world record!

It is touted as the worlds largest Monopoly board, and is sponsored by Mattel and Nokia, one for the board game and the other for the handphone respectively. The board comes complete with a jail cell with a prisoner uniform too!

The organizer will have people playing the game to win some kind of prize. The game is played for 45 minutes to keep it short and faster paced.

Hmm, 1-U seems to be the happening place for activities, from Hari Raya, Christmas, and now a board game? I guess the next upcoming event would be Chinese New Year. I can hear the CNY music being played already, after having enough of Hari Raya music, Christmas music, and now, Chinese New Year music.

Phew, lots of festivities in one stretch!

And after CNY? Well no more festivities. It is back to work, work, work! But I'm sure the shopping mall management will think of something to keep the mall traffic incoming.

And thinking about work, (sigh!) it is back to work tomorrow after a long annual leave. Come morning, working blues starts...