Feb 10, 2008

Ever peaceful Taiping

Ever peaceful Taiping
Sunday February 10, 2008

A visit to this lovely town brings much bliss and serenity.

Kuala Sepetang Wildlife Sanctuary

The Matang Mangrove Forest is the recipient of numerous international awards. This mangrove swamp is one of the best managed in the world and noted as an outstanding example of conservation and management of its rich biodiversity and mudflat ecosystems. It is a place no one should exclude from the itinerary when in Taiping

Taiping Prison

Taiping Prison is the first prison to be opened in 1879 and was the first purpose-built prison in Malaya. It remains in operation today.

Taiping Lake Garden

This 64ha garden has been the focal point of Taiping since 1880. Besides a lake created from a former tin mine, it also hosts a recreational park and a Japanese garden and is a stone throw from a golf course and zoo.

Natural Water Bodies

Taiping is home to many pools, rivers and streams that have kept Taiping cool and nice, even in hot weather. Among them are the Burmese Pool, which has a natural water slide; the Austin Pool that has a very deep square granite pool with a waterfall flowing into it; the Taman Suria streams which flow from Bukit Larut; the Coronation Swimming Pool located at the foothill of Bukit Larut and has very cold mountain stream water even on hot days; and the Hot Water Well in Batu 9, off Jalan Trong.

Perak State Museum

Built in 1883, it is the oldest museum in the country and is home to an impressive collection of ancient weapons, aboriginal implements and archaeological treasures, including artefacts from Perak’s rich historical culture and heritage. Admission is free.

Bukit Larut(Maxwell Hill)

It was previously the rest and recreation centre for British high-ranking officials from 1884. At 1,250m above sea level, it reminded most of them of their cool homeland. Up until 1948, the only way up was by sedan chairs. Tarred roads were later constructed. It is still one of the most natural hill resorts in the country and was renamed Bukit Larut in 1979.

Bukit Merah Laketown Resort

One of the premier theme parks in Malaysia, it also includes the Orang Utan Island, where preservation of the orang utan is carried out. The theme park is a favourite with Perak folk as well as those from other states, especially during the school holidays. It is also a popular venue for corporate companies’ team-building programmes. There is an eco-park for those who want to bask in the natural surroundings.

Taiping Zoo

Also known as Taman Mergastua Idris Shah, the zoo is on a 16ha land where in the day it is a typical zoo but transforms into a night safari after dusk. It is home to some 1,300 animals from more than 180 species,all flourishing due to its successful breeding programmes. It is the only zoo in the north of the peninsula.


Taiping is famous for its cheap and delicious food and visitors must have some of these famous delicacies such as: Cendol in Jalan Barrack; Chinese fried kway teow in Taman Sri Hijau, Taman Sungai Mas; Malay fried kway teow at Restoran Doli in Jalan Tupai; Roti Canai at Bismillah Restaurant on Jalan Taming Sari; Popiah at the Prima Restaurant and the Popiah stall in the Larut Matang food court; Nasi Lemak Special/ Mahal/ Orang Kaya on Jalan Tupai; Mee Rebus at the Larut Matang Market, Prima Food Court and the Pokok Assam night market; Steamed Chicken Rice in Jalan Barrack.

Kota Ngah Ibrahim Historical Complex

It used to be the residence of Ngah Ibrahim, who was found guilty of murdering British Resident J.W.W. Birch. It served as the country’s first teachers’ training college called the Matang College and was also the headquarters of the Japanese army during the Second World War. Today, it serves as the Matang Historical Complex.
-- Sunday Metro.