Jan 10, 2010

Malaysia Food


Restaurant Zainab Sam's nasi lemak (left) and ikan keli masak sambal.

FOR good Malay food in the Cameron Highlands, make your way to this outlet. Zainab Sam Abdul Latif started a stall in 1974 and over the years, it expanded into this small restaurant.

At 66, Zainab, who hails from Batu Gajah, Perak, still actively attends to her customers, who declare that she serves the best Malay and Thai-style cuisine in the area.

The restaurant serves fried rice in many styles, such as nasi goreng kampung and nasi goreng Pattaya. Prices start from RM3, depending on the cooking style and the ingredients. If you opt for plain rice, Zainab offers about 20 types of vegetable, meat and fish dishes daily.

There is also good sup tulang or beef bone soup to be found here. What is outstanding is the ikan keli masak sambal. Zainab's nasi lemak with its flavourful rice is also good. - Star Street Food Guide.

Restoran Zainab Sam
(Opposite HSBC Bank)
10 Main Road, Tanah Rata.
Tel: 05-491 1917
Open 6.30am to 10pm.
Days off not fixed.


Ah Keng Belacan Beehoon

LOCALS regard the noodles here, known as “Jubilee Ground Belacan Beehoon”, as Kuching’s best version of the pungent dish. The vendor is located in a row of small stalls and has been around for over 20 years. The tables are packed all day long.

The belacan beehoon has a good balance, neither too mild nor too pungent. The locals will advise you to eat it with slices of century egg, which help to mask the gravy’s pungency.

Round off your meal with air batu campur and cendol from the next stall, Ah Yeo Ais Kacang. For both icy treats, you can choose to have either coconut milk or evaporated milk added. The air batu campur has a richer flavour, with coconut milk added – that’s how most of the locals like it. Other good eats in the area include mee kolok and rojak.

Ah Keng Belacan Beehoon
Jubilee grounds
(next to SRJK Chung Hua 3)
Jalan Tan Sri Datuk William Tan.
Open 11.30am to 6pm.
Days off not fixed.


Kedai Kopi Lai Huat Curry Mee

ASK around town and you will be told that Lai Huat serves one of the best versions of curry mee around. Owner Kwek Kim Huat inherited the 33-year-old business from his father. He uses Indian meat curry powder as the base for the aromatic and rich gravy. The noodles are topped with tofu puffs, chicken slices, beansprouts and hard-boiled egg. A tablespoon of sambal turns up the heat.

Curry Mee
Kedai Kopi Lai Huat
(Opposite Kedai Kopi Chooi Hong)
Stall No. 13, Jalan Sultan Badlishah.
Open 7am to 12pm.
Days off not fixed.